A) A formula in which weighed and measured ingredients are combined in specific procedures. B) A communication tool from the manager to production employees. C) A quantity and quality control tool defining a standard for each product. D) An action plan defining cook assignments, pre-preparation needs, and a preparation time schedule. d. Sodexo Executive Wins IFMA Award May 24, 2019. Lorna Donatone, CEO of geographic regions for Sodexo, has been named the recipient of a 2019 International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) Silver Plate Award.. IFMA’s annual awards program recognizes individuals for providing outstanding food service operations, Yahoo reports. IFMA Events Jul 19, 2022 Foodservice Fundamentals™ July 2022 (In-Person) The industry's premier training for newcomers to foodservice is back in person! This engaging and.

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